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What is Digital Smile Design?

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital smile design, as the name suggests, involves the use of digital media in the field of aesthetic dentistry in order to give the person the most ideal appearance. Dentists use digital technologies to create an aesthetic smile design. In our country, as around the world, effective results can be achieved by using various software for digital design in the field of dentistry. Thanks to this kind of new technology digital software used by dentists, it is possible to calculate the ideal ratio between the patient’s tooth structure, gingival shape and lips. By using digital smile design, a personalized aesthetic and natural look can be achieved.

What are the Benefits of Digital Smile Design?

The advantages of digital smile design are quite remarkable in terms of achieving the most ideal and aesthetic results. In such aesthetic applications, it may take a lot of experience and time to determine the type of smile that suits the person. Dentists who use innovative technologies can benefit from digital smile design in aesthetic dental applications and treatments. Certain benefits of digital smile design, which is frequently preferred today, are as follows:

  • Thanks to the latest technology software, it is possible to achieve the ideal and desired smile.

  • For the most ideal and natural appearance, desired results can be achieved without any surprises.

  • The most suitable smile design can be made based on the demands and wishes of the person.

  • Moreover, applications that protect the patient’s oral health and provide an aesthetic appearance can be performed.

Thanks to aesthetic dentistry, which includes painless dental treatments, patients can regain their lost self-confidence. In addition, digital smile design can be applied to achieve the most natural appearance while overcoming functional disorders in the teeth.

How is Digital Smile Design Performed?

The digital smile design application is performed by considering the patient’s expectations and current situation. The following steps are at the forefront of the procedures to be performed by dental specialists:

  • The digital design of the teeth is performed using a three-dimensional intraoral scanner.

  • Measurements are taken specifically to the expectations of the patient in the private studio.

  • Using special software, digital smile design can be finalized in a fast and practical way.

  • The dentist can create a record for the patient’s before/after procedures.

Digital Smile Design Fees

Digital smile design fees may differ depending on the patient’s expectations and application methods. The most preferred smile design applications in aesthetic dentistry in the last period should be performed in a personalized way. You can find the most up-to-date information about the current digital smile design fees and methods in our dental clinic. To learn about these, you can immediately contact our dental specialists who perform digital smile designs.

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