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About Us


We have brought quality, trust and experience together for you.

D-Care Oral and Dental Clinic in Antalya Manavgat has an experienced, friendly and young team equipped with the latest technologies.

General dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry
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Our clinic aims to provide the best treatment with long term individual planning, state of the art technological equipment, hygienic and modern environment with sincerity and a smile on your face. By keeping pace with the changing and evolving technology, we pay attention to the innovation and reliability of the equipment and strive to provide the most comfortable treatment possible. We believe that medical knowledge and treatment methods can improve over the years, and we know that education lasts a lifetime.


What treatments do we perform?

Dental implants, smile design, zirconium veneers, laminate veneers, fillings, root canals, orthodontics, paediatric dentistry, gum treatment, many treatments with sedation for anxious or uncooperative patients.

At our D-Care oral and dental clinic, together with knowledgeable and experienced staff, the utmost importance is placed on hygiene and cleanliness. Disposable materials, sterilisation and disinfection with autoclaves and ventilation are carried out in the most appropriate way.

D-Care is here for all ages and makes the best decisions by offering the most suitable options for your budget and completing treatment as quickly as possible.

You can feel at home in our clinic with its modern loft architecture, 6 examination and treatment rooms, children’s play area, large waiting room, X-ray room, sedation room, observation room and large and comfortable garden area.

Meet the Team

Our goal is the well-being and health of all our patients.

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