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What is All on 4?

The “All on 4” technique is a comfortable, inexpensive, long-lasting and successful fixed denture technique that can be used in both the upper and lower jaws and is supported by 4 dental implants in the case of complete edentulism. Patients get their teeth back in a short period of time without the need for bone powder (grafting) or advanced surgical procedures used in conventional treatment methods.


The goal of the All on 4 technique is to simplify the treatment by reducing the number of implants and to allow the fixation of complete dentures. The “All on 4” technique is often used for patients who have already lost all their teeth and have complaints about their dentures.



For whom is the use of All On 4 suitable?

It minimizes the need for bone grafts by maximizing the use of existing jaw bone in cases of complete edentulism. For this reason, this method is often used in patients who have lost all their teeth, in patients who suffer over dentures and have difficulty adjusting to the new denture.



How is the ALL ON 4 treatment performed?

After a detailed clinical examination of the patient, the most suitable planning for the patient is made with the help of computed tomography. After the planning, the surgical procedure phase begins, during which the implants are placed after local anesthesia. The dentures are made according to the measurements taken from the patient and placed on the implants.


What are the advantages of the All-On-4 technique?

The biggest advantages of the “All on 4” technique are that the denture is fixed with mini-screws, which allows excellent chewing performance, and that the denture can be safely inserted 5-6 hours after the surgical procedure, which restores oral aesthetics and relieves the patient psychologically. However, the advantages All on 4 treatments can be listed as follows:


  • It is less traumatic as no bone grafting is required.

  • Allows healing with less pain and complications.

  • Protects against food-related trauma.

  • As with traditional dental implants, the tooth to be removed can be extracted and immediately implanted in that location.

  • Since the number of implants is reduced, the cost of the procedure is lower.

  • The surgical procedure is simple and short compared to other procedures.

  • A temporary denture can be implanted immediately 5-6 hours after the surgical procedure.

  • The interim denture provides aesthetic and psychological comfort to the patient until the final dentures are placed.

  • It allows treatment of patients with diabetes, osteoporosis, or patients who are generally unsuitable for bone grafting.

  • It eliminates the discomfort and uncertainty of removable dentures.



How does the All On 4 process run?

The temporary denture placed according to the All on 4 concept is kept for 2-3 months, as in traditional implantation, then the impression for the final denture is taken and the new teeth are placed in an average of 7-10 days.


Does the “All On 4” technique require special care?

The same care measures we use for our natural teeth also apply to our teeth treated with All on 4. In addition, regular dental visits every 6 months and the use of an interdental brush for better cleaning are recommended.

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