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Smile Design in Turkey

Smile Design in Turkey

In Turkey, smile design, also known as Hollywood smile, is one of the most striking dentistry applications in recent years. As the name suggests, this application, inspired by the smiles of Hollywood stars, aims at white and perfectly shaped teeth. By considering the lip, teeth, gums and face structure, a smile design can be made in a way that suits the person best. This requires experienced dentists as well as state-of-the-art equipment and tools.

What is Smile Design?

Smile design treatment is one of the most common treatment methods in aesthetic dentistry. With the Hollywood smile, patients can attain a mouth structure with white, healthy, and natural teeth. Smile design is usually required in the following situations:

  • Correction of tooth color

  • Elimination of shape deformities in teeth

  • Correction of dental disproportions

  • Ensuring tooth symmetry

  • Rearranging the shape and color of teeth

  • Giving a person’s smile an aesthetic appearance

How is Smile Design Performed?

Smile design consists of various methods. Since each person has genetically different gums and tooth structures, we cannot talk about a single method in smile design. Besides, a smile design can be made by choosing the most suitable method in line with the aesthetic expectations and wishes of the person. For the most ideal smile design application according to the tooth structure, gums and jaw structure of each patient, support from experienced dentists should be sought.

Who can Have a Smile Design?

Smile design is primarily applied to people with certain aesthetic concerns. Hollywood smile application cannot be performed without certain problems that adversely affect the aesthetic appearance of the person’s teeth and mouth structure. Today, those who want to have a smile design should have the following features:

  • Those who are older than 18 and have a symmetrical disorder in their teeth

  • Those who have crooked teeth

  • Those with disproportionate teeth and gums

  • Those experiencing caries-related problems

  • Those who do not like the aesthetic appearance of their teeth

  • Those with permanent yellowing in their teeth

  • Those with missing teeth

Smile Design Fees in Turkey

Smile design fees in Turkey may vary according to the aesthetic expectations and individual needs of the person. Since everyone’s gum and tooth structure are different, smile design applications may require a different number of sessions and methods in everyone. Therefore, methods planned by dentists may result in different fees. Smile design treatment in Turkey is not applied to those under the age of 18. Since the teeth and jaw development of these people are not fully completed, they are not suitable for such applications. You can contact us to find out the current fee options.


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