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Golden Ratio in Dentistry and Its Application

Golden Ratio in Dentistry and Its Application

In dentistry, the golden ratio is a prominent detail, especially in smile design and aesthetic applications. Today, aesthetic smile design, also known as Hollywood smile, consists of many different applications. The concept of beauty consists of elements that people enjoy through the senses of sight and hearing. Although beauty is a philosophical and abstract concept, nowadays it has some standards. Knowingly or unknowingly, eye-pleasing proportional concepts often appear in dentistry, as well. Especially in applications such as smile design, the aim is to reach the most ideal form, taking into account the person’s jaw, lip, tooth and mouth structure. Therefore, the golden ratio in dentistry is also one of the significant points that must be taken into consideration.

The Golden Ratio in Dentistry

The golden ratio application in dentistry is a subject that is frequently referred to but its details remain unknown to many. The golden ratio, which we see in mathematical and artistic works, is about the most competent dimensions among the parts of a whole in terms of the observed harmony. The golden ratio, which is a geometric and numerical ratio relation, has a simple formula. For instance, when a line segment is divided into two in accordance with the golden ratio, the ratio of the smaller segment to the larger segment requires an equal ratio of the larger segment to the whole line.

The golden ratio, which has existed in the physical universe since eternity, later entered our lives thanks to mathematical formulas. The golden ratio defined by scientists is simply the unique formula to look appealing to the eye. Every object or work of art adjusted to this formula will look aesthetically appealing to the eye. From this point of view, the golden ratio is also applied in dentistry based on the facial features of the person, making it possible to obtain an aesthetically magnificent appearance.

Aesthetic Dental Ratio

In dentistry, the aesthetic dental ratio is applied using the ratio 62%. When this ratio is used, we can see that the lateral incisors are very narrow and the canines cannot be dominant enough. Therefore, a personalized aesthetic appearance can be obtained when the aesthetic dental ratio repeated by using the physical characteristics of the person is preferred. Besides, this ratio provides the dentist with freedom and flexibility in deciding on their own aesthetic methods.

Single Tooth Ratio

In dentistry, single tooth ratio is usually determined by the fact that the upper anterior incisor has a certain ratio in itself. The percentile of this tooth in terms of width and height is between 66 and 80. Thus, the most ideal single tooth ratio can be achieved with 78 percent. You can get detailed information about the golden ratio in dentistry from our dental specialists.


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