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Get a new look with Aesthetic Fillings

Get a new look with Aesthetic Fillings

With aesthetic filling treatment, a more natural and aesthetic smile can be obtained by using the most ideal filling material based on a person’s own tooth color. The composite filling is chemically bonded to the tooth as it hardens in homogeneous light. Thus, dental problems that negatively affect a person’s self-esteem can be eliminated. Aesthetic fillings, as with many other smile design procedures, must be performed by an experienced dentist.

What is Aesthetic Filling?

The aesthetic filling is used when designing a smile that seamlessly matches the tooth color by using composite material on the teeth. Aesthetic fillings are preferred when a more symmetrical appearance is desired by eliminating the irregular appearance of the teeth. Composite fillings harden and bond in halogen light, providing an appearance as if they are composite with the tooth. It is extremely important that the fillings are in the form of natural teeth in terms of shape and color. In this way, an aesthetic appearance can be achieved that cannot distinguish the filling from the person’s own tooth.

Hos is Aesthetic Filling Performed?

How the aesthetic filling is performed may differ in each patient with different methods. Aesthetic fillings are produced in accordance with the natural color, shape, and opacity level of a tooth, thus, repairing missing tooth tissues. As they physically adhere to the dental tissues, they offer the benefit of long-lasting usability. Since local anesthesia is applied during aesthetic filling, the patient does not feel any pain during this procedure. Since the damaged tissues are removed, the application does not require teeth polishing.

What You Feel After Aesthetic Filling

After aesthetic filling, certain changes may be observed. For instance, after aesthetic filling procedures in which the gaps between the teeth are filled, there might be a change in the person’s way of speaking. However, the feelings after the aesthetic filling procedure can be exemplified as follows:

  • Certain sounds may not be articulated clearly.

  • The teeth are insulated during the procedure using a moisture-resistant rubber wall. Therefore, teeth may have an uneven color after aesthetic filling. But, the color is renewed within a few days.

  • There might be slight pain and sensitivity in the gum.

  • In certain cases, it may take two weeks or more for the filling to adapt.

Aesthetic Filling Fees

Aesthetic filling fees may vary according to the experience of the dentist performing the procedure and the number of sessions. Smile aesthetics can be achieved with composite fillings, which last a lot longer than metal fillings. If you want to have aesthetic fillings at budget-friendly fees, you can get detailed information from our dental clinic right away. With the help of dentists who are experts in the field, smile design can be done thanks to aesthetic fillings.

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