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What is Aesthetic Filling?

Aesthetic fillings are composite fillings that match the patient’s tooth colour and are bonded to the tooth with a special light.


What are the areas of application of aesthetic fillings?

  • When restoring decayed or broken teeth.

  • For diastema (interrupted front teeth).

  • For anterior teeth that are discoloured for any reason.

  • For tooth lengthening.

  • For slight crowding of the front teeth. 

What are the advantages of using aesthetic fillings?

  • The biggest advantage of aesthetic fillings is that the natural tooth substance is preserved and the number of procedures is reduced to a minimum.

  • The procedure is short and ends in a single session.

  • Compared to other aesthetic applications, it is quite inexpensive.


How is an aesthetic filling performed?

Oral hygiene must be very good for the filling to be applied. Acid or bond is applied to the surface of the tooth to be filled, then the composite filling is applied in layers, frozen and hardened with the help of a halogen light, and finally the aesthetic filling is finished with the polishing process.


In which situations can an aesthetic filling not be performed?

  • An aesthetic filling cannot be done if the tooth is too decayed or fractured.

  • If the area where the aesthetic filling is to adhere to the tooth is small, it cannot be done as there is a risk of the filling breaking or falling off.

  • In cases of teeth grinding and clenching, a crown veneer should be done as there is a risk of the filling falling down and breaking.


What should be considered for aesthetic fillings?

  • Aesthetic fillings should be used with care

  • Very hard foods should not be bitten into and special care should be taken when eating shelled nuts.

  • Since habits such as nail biting and pen biting can cause the filling to fall or break, such habits should be abandoned.

  • Attention should be paid to oral hygiene.

  • The life span of aesthetic fillings is shorter in people with poor oral hygiene.

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