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Laminate Veneers

Laminate Veneers

Laminated veneer application corrects the unaesthetic appearances in the anterior region of the teeth. It is one of the dental procedures applied to create a more aesthetic appearance. This method can also be applied for operations such as fixing crooked teeth and aligning disproportionate teeth. Laminate veneers, which must be applied by a dental specialist, can consist of many different methods to restore the aesthetic appearance of the teeth.

What is Porcelain Laminate Veneer?

Porcelain laminate veneer is one of the most frequently applied types of treatment. With porcelain laminate veneer, an extremely aesthetic appearance can be achieved in case there are stains on the teeth, in addition to repairing crooked and disproportionate teeth. After the fixation, the patient gains an aesthetically beautiful appearance. It is applied by using advanced technological equipment in order to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the tooth. After planning in a way that seamlessly match the tooth structure, the laminated veneer process is finalized by using the premium quality porcelain material.

Why is Laminate Veneer Treatment Important?

Laminate veneer treatment is important in that it provides the patient with a healthy and aesthetic tooth structure. Laminated veneers, which are usually preferred due to aesthetic concerns, are a form of treatment that increases the self-confidence of the patient. Those who are looking for solutions to their dental problems can overcome these problems with laminate veneers. Laminate veneers are especially applied in the following cases:

  • Treatment of color and shape deformities in the teeth

  • Treatment of crookedness in the anterior teeth

  • Filling the gaps between teeth

  • Structural deformaties in the teeth

  • The need for aesthetic smile design

How are Laminate Veneers Placed?

Laminate veneer treatment is usually completed within 7 to 8 days. While receiving laminate veneer treatment from a dental specialist, the treatment should be planned according to the need. Before starting the design work, the anterior side of the teeth is shaped and made ready for the veneer stage. Then, the following procedures are applied primarily:

  • The gum is anesthetized so that the patient does not feel pain during the treatment.

  • The dental specialist prepares a small chamber in the anterior side of the tooth using a dental bur.

  • Teeth are measured by placing a special cup.

  • Pressing the cup on the teeth, a dental mold is taken.

  • The cup is made into a dental mold in the laboratory environment.

  • Laminate veneers are made ready in 5 days.

  • In the next step, the dentist places the laminate veneers on the teeth.

Laminate Veneer Fees

Laminate veneer fees vary according to the patient’s current ailments and the number of sessions. An aesthetic appearance can be achieved with laminate veneers applied with a painless procedure. You can take a look at our website to get the most up-to-date information about laminate veneer fees right away.


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