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Important Facts About Implants

Important Facts About Implants

Important facts about dental implant treatment are among the most researched topics on the Internet, especially by those preparing for this treatment. We see that there are many misperception and misinformation in the society about implants. Thanks to the dental specialists, who remind the important facts about the implant application once again, the details of this treatment are clarified. Dental implant treatment can be preferred in order to meet functional and aesthetic expectations in areas where there is a missing functionality in the teeth.

What is Implant?

Dental implant application is a treatment initiated to restore the function and aesthetics of the missing teeth in the patient’s jawbone. In this treatment, an artificial dental root is placed in the patient’s jawbone. Implant screws are structures with a certain thickness and width, and the features of the jawbone where the implant will be placed should be carefully considered. This is mainly because the jawbone that is not suitable for the implant screw may cause certain problems. The health and quality of the bone as well as the expertise of the dentist who will perform the application are among the most important factors that affect the success of implant treatment.

Need-to-Know About Dental Implant

Prior to the dental implant, the patient’s jawbone should be analyzed thoroughly. Especially, when implant treatment is preferred for a single missing tooth or multiple tooth deficiencies, it provides both functional and aesthetic protection for the patient. Since missing teeth negatively affect the chewing capacity of the person, having a complete set of teeth ensures that foods are consumed and digested more easily. Moreover, completing the missing teeth will contribute to the beauty of the person aesthetically, thus reassuring the person’s self-confidence.

The most important factor affecting success in implant application is known as bone structure. Everyone has a different jawbone structure due to genetics or developmental factors they encounter later. Therefore, it is important to determine the person’s jawbone tissue before the implant treatment. In this way, whether the person’s jawbone is suitable for implant treatment can be learned after clinical and radiological examination, namely an x-ray.

How Long Does Implant Treatment Take?

The duration of implant treatment varies depending on the number of missing teeth. In implant treatments that are performed with the use of developing technology, effective results can be obtained in quite a short span of time. The pain after the implant treatment does not differ greatly from the pain felt after normal tooth extraction. For this reason, implant treatment does not negatively affect the overall quality of a person’s life, on the contrary, it helps to consume food more comfortably. You can learn all the details you are wondering about implant treatment from our expert dentist team, and also contact us for current fee options.

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