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Who is Dt. Erkan Sümer?

Graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry.

Among its goals is to be the best in the field of surgical implants and prostheses. And he has already started to work on this goal. Dt Erkan Sümer says; that foresight is the most important Daily ritual for his practice. He also mentions that prediction is much easier thanks to a well-designed system. In our clinic, everyone knows what to do. This makes it easier to measure results and adjust when needed.

İf it is among the recommendations Look for opportunities to learn, be flexible, be prepared for medical emergencies, think frugally and stop caring, be entrepreneurial and let our support staff help you. Finally, maintain a healthy work and life balance.


  • Dentist

  • Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry


  • Turkish Dental Association

  • Antalya Chamber of Dentists

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